Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Solution Saddles have made my horse a pleasure to work with ... I cannot thank them enough.

“Dave had never been an easy horse to work with. He had always been very spooky and tense when ridden. He had a tendency to bolt when a rider mounted and had no flexibility across his body at all. His large shoulders and flat back meant that finding a saddle to fit him was a nightmare. 

Before Solution Saddles, I was spending copious amounts of time, money and patience in buying and trying different saddles, with most only lasting a few months before they would no longer fit. 

I had never heard of SMART saddles before my trial, and having no experience with anything other than traditional treed saddles I was a little dubious. However, several months on and I cannot believe the physical and mental difference a SMART saddle has made to Dave.

Within a week of riding in the SMART Native GP saddle, Dave was already feeling less tense and was moving much more freely through his back. A month later and we had overcome all mounting issues. Now several months on, and Dave is feeling the best he has ever been!

He is willing to work, no longer strong or stiff through his body. He is even beginning to offer stretching during our schooling sessions which is something he has never done. Dave definitely feels happier and much more confident and comfortable in his ridden work and this has ultimately given me more confidence in riding him. 

Solution Saddles have made my horse a pleasure to work with and enjoy and I cannot thank them enough. 


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