Friday 27 October 2017

At the end of the season, Penny has felt the improvement in all of her horses since using the SMART PRO Dressage and SMART PRO Jump saddles

October 2017

"We finished a good season at Askham, all 9 horses have gone well and have all had placings. 

They have all used the SMART PRO Dressage and SMART PRO Jump saddles; I'm loving them and really feeling the improvement in all the horses.

Queen of Diamonds, placed at Bishop Burton BE90 
then romped effortlessly round the BE100 at Askham

A new horse to the yard has just won both dressage classes with 70%+ scores, ridden in SMART PRO Dressage saddle. She has definitely felt the benefit after changing from the saddle she came with!! 

Roll on next season after a winter of training & practice!

SMART™ Saddles Ambassador - Penny Lawn B.H.S.I.I.

Monday 16 October 2017

“It is difficult to capture in words how happy I am with the SMART Native VSD saddle.”

“In August 2016 I had a fall from my gelding, breaking my arm badly in the process.  I was out of the saddle for almost 7 months, and when I did start to ride again my confidence was at rock bottom.  My gelding, Charlie, is not an easy horse to ride and his sharpness and tendency to spook worried me.  I quickly began to feel that my saddle just wasn't helping me to sit as securely and safely as I needed it to.  A friend suggested I try a SMART™ saddle, as she loved hers, so I got in touch with Solution Saddles and arranged for an Approved Advisor to visit me for a test ride.

I have to admit that I didn't have an immediate "yes I need this" reaction, though I did find the saddle to be very comfortable for me, and it was very stable on Charlie, who is very wide and flat backed.  I noted that he was stretching forward and down more easily than was usual, but he otherwise seemed fairly similar to usual to ride.  I arranged to have a rental saddle on trial to test it out for a bit longer. When the rental saddle arrived I was very pleased with how the saddle looked.  The brown leather was very smart and it is also light to handle.

I rode at least 4 times per week during my initial trial, which I extended to almost 4 weeks as I wanted to be as sure as possible that the SMART™ NATIVE VSD saddle was right for us.  From the start Charlie was happy to be tacked up and seemed very relaxed.  I have found that he is much less spooky than he was previously; I think this is due to a combination of him being very comfortable, and me being able to sit more quietly and securely.  When he has spooked he comes back to me quickly and the saddle has yet to move even a little, not even when he has done a fast spin and run (usually at killer pigeons)! In the school he is moving more freely too, his gaits are more flowing and he is carrying himself really nicely.  I had my usual physio check him over at the end of my trial and she was very pleased with how he looked and felt to her, she advised me to buy the saddle as it was clearly working well for Charlie.

It is really nice to have a treeless saddle that has a narrow twist and allows me to feel like I am close to Charlie's back.  The adjustable knee rolls are great, I can move them or change them depending on what I want to do that day.  I can read Charlie's body language through my seat, which allows me to ride more proactively and sensitively, which I love.  All of my post-fall nervousness has disappeared since I got the SMART Native VSD and I am riding more often and getting better results than I have ever done.  This is a huge thing for me, as at one point I seriously considered giving up as I was so nervous when riding.

It is difficult to capture in words how happy I am with the saddle.  It has absolutely 100% changed my riding for the better.”

Amanda Fidler
September 2017