Friday 14 August 2015

Maxine Oxford & Flicka - From "problem pony" to racing at Cheltenham

"I decided to buy Flicka in part to save her from her current treatment as she was not favoured by the riding school where she was kept. She was a nightmare in the stable, hard to catch and too wild for the kids to ride. She was given to the riding school by her previous owners as she kept bucking them off and also had a stumbling problem that neither the vet nor their master saddler could solve.

At the time I was looking to buy a Solution saddle for my daughter’s pony, Blondie, her saddle would ride up her neck - again a problem that could not be solved with a traditional tree’d saddle. As it was such an expensive purchase for a 12.2hh pony, I also wanted to try it out, so I also used Flicka for the test ride. 

Unlike Blondie, Flicka had big hollows either side of her prominent withers; she went well in the Solution saddle and I noticed she did not buck or stumble. I decided to buy the saddle and we have had great success with both ponies. The Solution saddle stayed in place amazingly even with Blondie's extravagant jumping style as you can see in the video below.

Blondie & Antonia Oxford in their Solution saddle

I've had Flicka for three years now and mainly hack, although my daughter now jumps her a bit too, (see video below). Since purchasing the Solution saddle, I have found Flicka likes humans more and doesn't hide at the back of the stable when you bring the tack out, also she doesn't trip, has good muscle either side of her withers, is loads of fun to hack and on fun rides, jumps well and is great in traffic. 

We had the opportunity to race at Cheltenham which was amazing for all connected. My daughter wants to do it again next year, if we can get her fitter I am sure she will put on an even better show!

Flicka aka Hywi Venus racing at Cheltenham in her Solution saddle!

We didn't win but had a great race!"

Maxine Oxford.