Wednesday 25 April 2018

Chantelle and Moose regained their confidence Showjumping after trialling the SMART Eventer saddle.

“Easy Girl Van Huise Ruesdael (Moose) was characteristically an enthusiastic jumper. When she started to hesitate into her fences, it was clear that she wasn’t happy and her rider, Chantelle, suspected that the problem might be saddle related. 

They tried out a SMART Eventer saddle on rental - and in just one session the difference was amazing.  Moose regained her confidence and her jump and is now consistently placed in British Showjumping classes. 

Chantelle Johnson and Easy Girl Van Huise Ruesdael (aka Moose) in the SMART Eventer saddle. This is probably her best performance to date – placed second in a very well attended discovery class. 

Moose does not like dressage.  However, the SMART Pro Dressage saddle gives her great freedom of movement.  Chantelle lives in hope that Moose will choose to display that freedom in a controlled fashion in an actual Dressage test one day!

Moose was relatively well behaved in a recent test and I think the SMART Pro Dressage saddle actually puts us into a slightly better position now we’re getting used to it.”

The above video shows Chantalle and Moose being placed second in the British Novice class Showjumping, qualifying for the second rounds.

 Chantalle and Moose training video.

Sally Johnson
March 2018

“The service and advice from Solution Saddles has been second to none; they made finding the perfect saddle very easy...

Solution Saddles sent a number of their SMART saddles along with recommended accessories to try out with the help of an experienced Solutions Saddles Approved Advisor.  

My aim was to find a saddle which would enable me to feel more confident and stable, especially when jumping, without compromising my horse's movement.  It was highly beneficial to be able to try a number of the saddles so thoroughly and find the one that fits.  

To me, finding the right SMART saddle felt similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes.  After riding in a variety of SMART GP and SMART Eventer saddles in various sizes, I knew immediately when I had found the perfect size and shape — it just felt right for me and my horse.  Who would have thought a saddle could make such a difference?  

I believe I have purchased a saddle which will be with me for the rest of my life, an unusually permanent investment in the ever-changing world of riding.  

Thank you very much!” 

Helen Williams

Originally sceptical of the treeless saddle concept, Rachel now refuses to put a treed saddle on her ex racehorse’s back since discovering the revolutionary SMART saddle range.

"I recently purchased a SMART Pro Dressage saddle for my ex-racehorse who has been diagnosed with kissing spines. He struggled to swing through his back properly, which was often being picked up in affiliated dressage tests; believing this to be his back, I never thought I would improve it. 

Before discovering the SMART saddle range, I was very sceptical of treeless saddles and believed they created pressure points. That was until a friend recommended Solution Saddles’ SMART saddle range and I thought “what have I got to lose?”.

It was the best decision I have ever made! My horse just loves it; he swings through his back and is happier to step under more with his hind legs. At first, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the different feel and not block my horse from moving forwards. However, since buying the saddle, we have had some positive comments from BD judges and are now extremely hopeful that we will move up a level this year.

My horse’s physiotherapist also could not believe how good his back was; he showed no pain at all, which has been unheard of over the past two years.

SMART saddles are truly revolutionary, they have changed my mind and my horse’s way of going completely - I would never use anything else on my horses. I would now like a SMART PRO Jump saddle for myself and a SMART Native for my daughter’s 11.2hh pony. I refuse to put a saddle with a tree back on my own horse, so no jumping for us for a while.

SMART Saddles are just the best and I would recommend them to anyone. A massive ‘Thank You’ for developing such brilliant saddles!"

Rachel Longworth

April 2018

SMART Customer story: From SMART Native GP to SMART Eventer

"I couldn't afford both a SMART Jump and SMART Dressage saddle, so decided to change to a treed saddle… what a mistake that was!’’

I backed my croup-high, wide, big shouldered young horse in a SMART Native GP saddle, which fitted her very well. The saddle always sat very securely and my mare moved well in it, but as she changed shape and levelled up I wanted more in front of my knee for jumping and hunting. I couldn't afford both a SMART Jump and SMART Dressage saddle, so decided to change to a treed saddle - what a mistake that was…

We lost right canter lead and my mare became increasingly asymmetric as she tried to compensate for a weakness from previous surgery. She had physiotherapy and we made repeated attempts to fit a treed saddle to her, but with no success. My mare either could not move (quite literally; she stood and kicked out in protest) or she moved the saddle over to the left because of the asymmetry and her movement.

Eventually I decided to reinvest and arranged for a SMART Saddles Approved Advisor to come out for a home consultation visit. In just 3 months of owning my new SMART Eventer saddle, I have an evenly muscled horse who is getting 7.5 and 8's in her dressage and I can jump without worrying if I and/or the saddle will stay put!

Although expensive, I have found the SMART Eventer to be absolutely worth it – no doubt it will save on future vet bills too!

Photos at riding camp.

Sam Edwards
April 2018