Friday 23 February 2018

Approved Advisor: Ann-Marie Marek - Ceredigion

As a trainer for Intelligent Horsemanship and an accredited Ride with your Mind Coach I regularly
see behaviour and physical problems with horses which can be tracked back to poor saddle fit.
Unbalanced saddles can also significantly affect the rider position which has a direct impact on the
ability of the horse to move correctly.

I found Solution Saddles in 2006 when I had three very different sized horses who needed saddles.
My Solution Saddle allowed one saddle to fit all three horses and had proved to be a godsend when
I’ve had horses in for staring or training. My saddle has been fitted to numerous horses and allowed
me to demonstrate to owners how much their current saddle is contributing to the poor
performance or behaviour of their horse.

On a personal level I really appreciate how much freedom my Solution Saddle gives my horses. Their
movement has changed dramatically and when their shape fluctuates through the year it is so easy
to accommodate these shape changes with small adjustments to the fitting.