Thursday 13 January 2022

'’100% top class service’’

“I just want to say how pleased I am with my new SMART™ PRO VSD saddle for my horse, Daisy Duckling.  I am starting endurance on Daisy next season and I want her to be as comfortable as possible.


As soon as I introduced her to the new SMART™ saddle I honestly felt there was more freedom of movement, especially from her shoulder area. She was relaxed and forward going and seemed so much happier.


 "The saddle is lightweight and extremely comfortable."

I like that it looks like a traditional saddle, but it isn’t. Overall, I am chuffed to bits with it and, when I start the Endurance season, I shall send you more photos of Daisy and I in action!


Many thanks for your support and 100% top class service including the charming SMART™ Advisor who visited us for the saddle fitting, very professional indeed.”


A truly quality service!


Judy & Daisy


Wednesday 12 January 2022

Game-changer following kissing spines treatment for ex-racehorse

"Rodney is a retired racehorse that we bought in August 2020 for my daughter Ruby.  He was pretty much unschooled but so willing and sweet natured that we fell in love straight away.

 After we’d had him for a few months he wasn’t making much progress with working in an outline, and started to buck when being pushed forward, especially into canter.  At first we thought it was ulcers, but after he scoped clear he was eventually diagnosed with kissing spines. 

 After going through treatment and rehab. with him he was still bucking occasionally and reluctant to canter and so our saddler recommended trying a SMART saddle.   

Rodney was fitted with a SMART Elite Event saddle and we noticed the difference immediately. 

This saddle has been a real game changer for Rodney, he’s clearly so much more comfortable and is going better than he has for ages - we were afraid he would never come right after his kissing spines diagnosis so it’s really great to see Ruby and Rodney enjoying their work again!”


Caroline Bran


RWYM Biomechanics Coach chooses a SMART™ Elite Dressage saddle for effective the rider position, support and adaptability.


“As a Ride with Your Mind Biomechanics Coach and Masterson Method bodyworker I appreciate the importance of correct rider balance and comfort for the horse.


I have bought many different saddles over the years and thought I have found ‘The One’ for one of my three… but I began to realise he wasn’t happy after a couple of years and had been riding in a bareback pad for six months. I was using this saddle on my pony and my youngster too but wanted something a bit more structured for more serious riding.


Numerous friends recommended a SMART™ Saddle and I was fortunate to have a local friend, who was a SMART™ Advisor. I was immediately impressed at the position I could maintain with the flatter seat and the changeable position of the knee blocks. My very sensitive horse was clearly happy so I decided to keep a SMART™ Elite Dressage on trial.

I took the saddle away for two weeks training and also used it for hacking and schooling in between on both horses… the youngster has been for a walk in it and didn’t notice any difference to her bareback pad. After 9 days my horse had changed so much that my Advisor adjusted the set up of the balance pads and shims. He had his first steps of piaffe in this saddle and it was amazing to be able to feel what was going on underneath me. This saddle is the closest thing to the feel of a bareback pad with the structure and support of a leather saddle.


It’s really important to me that I can maintain my position to enable the most effective biomechanics but I also need to feel really secure as my horse can really throw some shapes, the youngster can also have a moment of course! I like that I can use the saddle on client’s horses when I am riding for them or just as a trial option to rule out any issues with their own saddle. The SMART Elite Dressage saddle has quite a high price tag but when I can share it over all three of my horses it becomes really good value! Can’t wait to see how their bodies change and improve over the longer term.


I’d recommend trying the saddles and the rental option is such an invaluable offer which isn’t offered by many other manufacturers. I’ve ordered my saddle new SMART™ saddle before my trial is even over!”


 Jo Szegota

Friday 7 January 2022

SMART Elite Dressage upgrade transforms super-sensitive homebred.


My homebred Oldenburg, Fubu, is very sensitive. From the very beginning, he would move around when putting a saddle on him, kicking his back legs out, and he was very mouthy when you rode him. However, everything changed for the better when I first tried a SMART PRO Dressage on him previously. 

He is now nine years old and his body has really matured, but he started having some issues going in the ring, throwing tantrums (see picture below).  He was also wiggly again when putting the saddle on his back, which I thought was just him.   

 When my SMART Advisor (who is also my trainer), upgraded to the new SMART™ Elite Dressage saddle and started riding Fubu in it, I noticed he was going forward and so much better.  Of course, I thought it was her riding because she is amazing. 

Finally, we simultaneously wondering if it could be the saddle, so we made the switch.  


Oh my gosh!!!  His whole front end came up and he was next level to ride.  No more stopping and having a tantrum and his mouth was really quiet.  I think the saddle freed up his whole front end. Long story short, I was mind blown!!!   


Thank you, 


Lori Rogers, USA 

"It is such a relief to ride out with the knowledge that my new SMART™ saddle is not restricting my horse’s movement"


“When I purchased a new horse in November 2020, I had no idea that it would take almost a year to find a saddle I was happy with, despite having an excellent saddle fitter who went above and beyond to help me. My little show jumping mare was naturally lordotic with huge shoulders, the left slightly bigger than the right.

Despite our best efforts, eliminating pressure from the stirrup bars was not easy and the back of the saddle consistently slipped to the right. She then became short striding when walking downhill immediately after being mounted.

A full veterinary assessment showed no lameness or pain, yet this occurred with all 3 of her saddles - a frustrating mystery until I hopped onto her bareback and she walked freely downhill every time.


Trying a SMART saddle

It was at this stage I made the decision to try a SMART saddle and met with a SMART Advisor, who was also a holistic saddle fitter and biomechanics coach. I liked her immediately as she was clearly very knowledgeable but also listened to what I had to say.

I trialled the SMART Elite Event and SMART Elite Jump saddles and after an extended rental period selected the jump saddle. Initially the back of the saddle sat a fraction to the right, but after a few weeks of working comfortably the saddle sat centrally, and right from the start she walked freely downhill. Choice of girth was important for this mare too, and I was provided with several to try.

It is such a relief to ride out with the knowledge that my new SMART saddle is not restricting my horse’s movement or causing her any discomfort. I am very happy with the saddle and so is Scarlett.


Sue Devereux, BA BVSc MRCVS