Tuesday 10 August 2021

"I'm a total convert to SMART saddles and tell everyone about them"


“I am a serial saddle buyer. For the last ten years I have been constantly buying saddles for my 14hh rescue cob, Bob, to try to get the perfect fit. This has been impossible due to him always changing shape. A friend suggested that I try a SMART Saddle and, to be honest, I wasn’t keen on trying treeless but, after some research, I decided to book an appointment to try out the saddles. I am now a convert and cannot recommend them enough.

My SMART Advisor brought a few saddles for me to try and we determined that the best one for me was the SMART Native VSD. The saddle is comfortable, puts me in a great position, doesn’t move and Bob is going so well and moving so freely.

So far, in the month of having the saddle, we have been placed 2nd in a dressage competition (first competition in 18 months ) and been on a 16km pleasure ride.

I would never buy a treed saddle again.”



Photos: @helenlouiseequinephotography