Friday, 7 May 2021

SMART Advisor: Kerry Tunnell, Wiltshire

Wiltshire based SMART Advisor, Kerry Tunnell,  began her saddle fitting journey with a Solution Energist saddle that came with a horse she bought. Her passion for saddle fitting has grown from there. Having owned several horses that were difficult to fit in traditional saddles, Kerry decided to train as a saddle fitter in order to better help her own horses and eventually making it her full-time career.

Kerry is particularly interested in rehab/remedial fittings and training for the sound happy horse. 


"The SMART saddles have come such a long way since my first Solution Energist saddle. Providing both the freedom for the horse and the exact support the rider needs."


Kerry travels throughout Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, South Wales and Gloucestershire and Devon & Cornwall by special arrangement.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

A fantastic start to the season with a double clear in the SMART Elite Jump saddle


Robbie has started the 2021 event season using his new SMART Elite jump saddle. He really likes the feel of the close contact and his balance over a fence has really improved. The horse is always looking really happy and jumping so well. 

They achieved a double clear in the novice section at Burnham Market and are looking forward to competing in their first 2*  in May.  

South of England

Having always been very tall, the SMART saddles have always allowed Robbie the leg room he needs as we were never restricted by saddle size.  I really do believe that the SMART saddles have contributed greatly to Robbie’s success as a rider. This new SMART Elite is just fantastic and we can’t recommend it enough.

Helen Bell

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

A second SMART saddle purchase - ensured comfort for every horse!




I have ridden in my SMART GP saddle for 6 years and it is as good today as the day I bought it. It has been used on everything from my number one horse, a 16.3hh chunky warmblood, to our little Highland my grand-daughter rode and a heavy Irish Draught cross. 


I am such a fan of SMART saddles; my horses move so freely, the saddles do not need reflocking or gullet bars changing and they adapt to fit different shapes of horses so are ideal for youngsters, or if like me, you have different horses of different shapes to ride. 


I have found SMART Advisors to be wonderful. The Advisor who came to me was patient and happy to give advice over the phone until I got the hang of the fitting - it is not difficult once you understand the principles. When I bought my first SMART saddle, I was taught how to fit it to my different horses and I was pleased to see the same fitter again when I decided to purchase a second SMART saddle. 


recently decided to buy a second SMART PRO GP saddle for a finer 16.3hh KWPN warmblood because I wanted both horses to have the comfort of a SMART saddle whoever was riding out with me – with each of my riding friends commenting that they do not realise that they are riding in a treeless saddle! 


I meet quite a few old-school riders who do not understand the principle of SMART saddles and it concerns me how closed their minds are. If nothing else they should consider the advantages: a flexible, soft, kind saddle which fits perfectly whichever horse you ride and the freedom from saddle fitters! 


I am not a competitive rider, more a happy hacker these days who may dabble in dressage occasionally. 


Margie Haslop.