Friday 3 February 2017

Beth Evans solved her ongoing saddle slip issues, and so much more, when she changed to a SMART saddle.

It was my craniosacral therapist who recommended that I try a SMART™ saddle. We experienced ongoing saddle slip issues; due to my pony having had a large worm burden as a youngster, he was prone to altering shape quickly and it has proven very difficult to get a saddle to fit for a whole season.

The final saddle slip that caused me to try a SMART™ saddle was at The Riding Club Championships in 2015; in the Intermediate Championship Jump Off, my saddle slipped causing my horse to stop on the last turn back to home. This resulted in us not only losing the potential win, but also retaining the title. Following this, I went to my friend at Dodderhill Equestrian who let me try their SMART™ saddle – it suited both me and my pony. 

The SMART™ saddle has not only solved the slipping problems we were experiencing but has also changed the way that my horse moves. It has enabled improved rider-feel so that I can give the correct aids when needed.

Along with craniosacral treatments, the SMART™ saddle has allowed my horse to be much freer in his movement and have a more natural shape over jumps. He feels much younger to ride and he has also filled out in shape.

I enjoy riding much more now that I have my SMART™ saddle – and I don’t need to worry about my saddle slipping at any point!