Friday 26 June 2020

Socially distanced SMART saddle fitting a success!

" Our SMART Advisor was extremely helpful, from first point of contact, through consultation, to after sales care. She adhered well to social distancing during the appointment and asked many questions beforehand to determine the best saddles to bring on the day. 

The SMART Native VSD saddle is very comfortable for both me and my horse - he is young and green, but our SMART Advisor was very patient with us both! "

 ~ Eve Waterhouse

Thursday 25 June 2020

Remote fitting advice a resounding success for a difficult to fit cob

"I contacted Solution Saddles mid-lockdown in a slight panic due to my youngster being "off" again, which I knew was saddle related. I was sceptical to say the least, because just two months prior I had spent £1,250 on a brand new custom saddle that was supposed to last my youngster his lifetime...

But, we've had the SMART NATIVE GP saddle for just under one month now and I am so happy to say that it is amazing! We have been on 12 mile hacks and my horse has felt so free in his movement. His physio has also noted an improvement in his shoulder movement, which was an area of concern at his previous check up. I'm so happy with the versatility of the saddle as we show and jump!

I can't wait to see how much more improvement we have with the saddle over the coming weeks. For anyone with a hard to fit baby cob wondering like me, if they should give a SMART Saddle a try - DO IT TODAY!"

~ Amy McIntyre, Scotland. 
SMART Direct Outlet customers who took advantage of our remote fitting advice service during 'lockdown'.

"I highly recommend these saddles - for many reasons"

Louie is a Welsh cross, 15.2hh, 9 yr old gelding and I have owned him for two years. 

He has been a complete joy in every way. However, at the beginning of this year, we were starting to get a few behavioural issues, such as head-shaking, putting his tongue over the bit, violent spooking and also the occasional huge buck. Initially we thought it was pollen related, then we thought it may be back issues but the treatments I tried didn’t improve the behaviour. 

We began looking at his saddle to investigate whether this was where the problems were coming from.  Like most horses, Louies' shape had changed a lot over the last year as conditions changed. Over Winter he was stabled 24/7. Prior to lockdown, he was out during the day, and we were having dressage lessons weekly, so he was developing muscle. Throughout lockdown, he wasn’t ridden at all, and all that muscle tone disappeared.  

When I came to ride again, I discovered the saddle was too tight over the shoulders and was bridging at the back. My saddle had been fitted to Louie by a Master Saddler on three separate occasions in the course of the year but I started to think, maybe the saddle had been causing issues all along?

So, I tried a SMART PRO Dressage saddle on trial for two weeks.  

The difference in Louie is amazing. Head shaking stopped, bucking stopped, tongue over the bit stopped, spooking for no reason stopped. And the saddle feels wonderful to ride in; I feel secure, very comfortable and love being able to feel Louie's movements so much more than in the previous saddle.

Not only that, but I know I do not need to worry about this saddle hurting my boy. I know it fits, and it can always be fitted, no matter how much he changes shape, gains or loses weight.

I highly recommend these saddles for many reasons. 

Julie Thompson, Essex

SMART Saddles prove top choice for riding school horses and riders

Eat, Sleep, Ride CIC would like to say a massive thank you to Solution Saddles for making a product that will last our riding school horses a lifetime. 

The SMART saddles have really improved our horses lengths of stride, and, because of their versatility, have proven invaluable for horses that come in for breaking and training . They really allow our all our riders to feel the horses movement underneath them, and can be adjusted through out the seasons to ensure optimal fit.

Our horses have regular physio sessions and the practitioner always comments on how excellent our horses backs are, as do other professionals such as vets and dentist . 

We are really happy with our saddle purchases and Camilla who gave us a really educational and enlightening saddle fitting visit.

Danielle Mckinnon
Founding Director 
Eat, Sleep, Ride, CIC

"The difference in how my horses went in the SMART saddle was stunning!"

"I first came across SMART saddles in 2016. I subsequently had my local Approved Advisor, Rachael Brown, out to test ride a SMART Dressage Saddle and can honestly say the difference in how my horses went was stunning! So much so, that I have gone on to buy a SMART Sport Jump saddle and, more recently, a SMART PRO Jump saddle.

I have found Rachael, and all the people I have dealt with at Solution Saddles, to be friendly, professional and, above all, enthusiastic about their products. Rachael and Charlotte are both very knowledgeable and always more than happy to help.

I would recommend SMART saddles unreservedly for all aspects of riding, from happy hackers to high level competition riders."