Wednesday, 20 December 2017

After an incredible transformation, I just had to invest in a SMART GP

“I love my Smart GP saddle!

I bought my youngster Lilly 2 years ago (when she was 3) and I was concerned about buying a saddle, knowing that she would outgrow it rapidly. A friend of mine recommended looking into SMART Saddles. I must admit I was sceptical as I have grown up with treed saddles and had not heard of a RigidFree option before.

A lovely Approved Advisor came out to demonstrate a couple of different versions: the SMART Eventer and the SMART GP and I instantly fell in love with them! They look no different on the outside to a treed saddle, but I really felt the difference when I tried it on my youngster; she felt so much more free under the saddle and transformed from a stiff, rigid, unwilling to move forward, stroppy mare to a forward going, free with movement, relaxed lady!

- It was an incredible transformation so I just had to invest in one!

 Here is a picture of us in action.

This saddle as a good investment for a young horse as she will constantly grow and develop and change shape - and these saddles can be adapted to cope with this change. I have had my saddle for about 2 years now and have learnt how to check the fitting myself so I can judge how it needs adjusted without having the expense and hassle of purchasing a new saddle regularly. I also like the idea that if I was to buy another horse I could use this one saddle by making simple adjustments to the setup at home with minimal fuss.

This really is a saddle of a lifetime! 



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