Wednesday 15 December 2021

SMART Advisor: Caroline Gaya, Northern Spain/ Southern France


Pamplona based Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, Caroline, has extensive experience as a professional dressage rider for over 17 years: from backing young horses in studs, to riding in Grand Prix dressage stables around Europe (Spain, Germany, UK). Additionally, she lately spent 6 years dedicating herself full time to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as a practitioner and teacher. The combination of these paths led her to link her biomechanical experience on both horses and humans, through saddle fitting.


“I first got involved with Solution Saddles as a Saddle Fitter after watching a webinar on the subject. I tried a SMART™ saddle myself and then invited different riders to try as well. I could witness the improvement in the locomotion and acceptance of the aids. Tested on different horses (leisure, jumping, dressage, young, old, novice, advanced), so far, all the horses without a single exception have been moving with more ease, freedom, impulsion, and flexibility with the SMART™ saddle. They all look more relaxed, and easier to ride, no matter their starting circumstances. If the riders sometimes still wonder what is best, the horses don’t. This brings us back to the art of listening, just as Yoga does. I feel a deep gratitude to be able to contribute and witness these improvements in comfort, movement, communication and performance”.


Caroline Gaya