Monday 4 April 2016

Moving up the grades has been easier for Maxine, Antonia and their ponies with help from Solution Saddles.

“We bought 8 year old ‘Spin’ 18 months ago from another Pony Club family. She had evented at BE100 level as a 5 year old then went on to have a number of homes where she just didn't click with her young riders. She was often stressed and would canter everywhere so her old owners used to have to lunge her for 30 minutes before getting on.

Spin seemed much happier as soon as she was fitted with our Solution saddle; the first Pony Club camp we took her to, the instructors didn't recognise her as she was so happy in her ridden work. Antonia has found it challenging moving up to a 15hh sharp horse from her 12.2hh superstar pony, Blondie, but with help from our Solution Saddles Technical Advisor, to get the saddle fit right along with regular lessons, they seem to be getting it together!

Antonia and Spin recently helped their Pony Club team win at Hartpury, qualifying for the The Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Championships.

As you can see from Spin's face she loves jumping in her Solution saddle!"

Maxine Oxford

Maxine Oxford first sent in a story to Solution Saddles in 2013.
Antonia and Blondie at their first Mini One Day Event.

"Due to Blondies round belly and back shape, her tree'd saddle would slide up her neck all the time. Their SMART GP Pony saddle stays in place even with her extravagant jumping style.
Antonia and Blondie enjoy jumping all the big fences at fun rides and compete at 80cm and 85cm showjumping classes."

In 2014 they successfully tried their hand at junior tetrathlon:

“My twelve year old daughter, Antonia, competed at her first junior Tetrathlon with Blondie. She had to run 1500m, swim for 3 mins and shoot at a 7m turning target with one hand.

The pictures below are of them jumping over a 2'9 to 3' course. 

They were one of only four partnerships to go clear - and most of the competitors were riding horses. 
Blondie was so sweet, ears forward as usual, tail flicking and paws up :D Antonia came 10th overall - I was so amazed!”

Update: Blondie is now showing 8 year old Sienna how its done in the same SMART Saddle.
“ Blondie floating along in trot at a recent Pony Club rally".

Update: March 2017

Brave Sienna sits securely on Blondie with her SMART saddle.

In 2015, Maxine shared with us the story of Flicka, a ‘problem pony’ who went on to have the opportunity to race at Cheltenham with their Solution saddle, read their story here