Monday 16 February 2015

An update from successful endurance rider, Lisa Franks.

"I have used various Solution saddles for over 9 years and now it is time for an update ...

Our welsh section C, Codeneirin Solo, has now been retired having completed nearly 4,000 competitive kilometres, initially in a Solution Energist saddle before upgrading to a SMART Native saddle.  He thrived in a RigidFree Solution saddle and after ten competitive seasons, his back is unblemished and as perfect as when we started to compete.  (Read more from Lisa Franks and Solo here

I now have a new horse, Cloonmung Mist, a six year old Connemara.  I bought her last summer and she has completed her three novice rides successfully. 

She has upgraded to Open level and is now being prepared to step up in distance and hopefully by the end of this season, we aim to have upgraded to Advanced level qualify to compete in FEI competitions.

We have just purchased a new SMART SPORT VT GP saddle  for her and she is going very well in it – her first outing will be on 1st March 2015.  

She is obviously more comfortable; she is her laidback self when ridden out, her flatwork has improved and in just two weeks, her back has started to develop which can only bode well for the future.

Lisa Franks, 2015.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Solution of the Month Story February 2015 - Katie King is looking forward to affiliated dressage now Eric is forward and relaxed in his SMART saddle.

“I am so happy with my SMART saddle. Eric was not your typical problem horse, he didn't have an obvious back problem and wasn't naughty. He was very tense and I would have to warm him up for at least 20 minutes before his work would become more relaxed - I just thought that was him.

Everything has changed now we have a SMART saddle.

He has a new desire to power forwards on his own in a relaxed and controlled manner and is much more willing to stretch. Contact is much more consistent and his length of stride improved dramatically.
Even hacking has changed, he used to feel a little on edge at times, now he doesn't spook at all.

We are looking forward to going out to affiliated dressage now!! :)”

Katie King