Monday, 11 December 2017

Approved Advisor: Caroline Harwood - Gloucestershire

Caroline has extensive experience in the industry, having been involved with horses for over 35 years; competing in many disciplines, from Eventing at Intermediate level, riding at Olympia, BD Regionals and now specialising in TREC. She now runs a livery yard of 23 horses in Gloucestershire helping clients to get the best from their horse at whatever level they prefer from happy hackers to BE eventers. 

Caroline has a keen interest in biomechanics and the development of every type of horse and rider. SMART saddles provide the ideal solution for her in seeking to produce a balanced horse: giving the horse the freedom and comfort it needs to perform to its best and enabling the rider to be both comfortable and effective.

"Having tried a number of different types of treeless saddle over several years, I struggled to find one which gave freedom to the horse, comfort and stability to the rider yet retained a more "conventional look".  Convention tended to lead to a feeling of "sitting on a pillow" or potential pressure points from the stirrup bars so ultimately I went back to treed saddles but finding a dressage saddle to fit my highland ponies was an unenviable task.

When I started training with Daniel Hammond he kindly allowed me to ride in his SMART Saddle.  The difference was immediate.  My mare was able to move her massive shoulders without the tree impinging on the movement of her scapula and she developed swing, the front lightened and lateral movements became easier for her. Now a proud owner of two SMART Saddles, a couple of months on and my fat hairy pony is able to perform shoulder-in and travers without getting "stuck" and we are currently working on half-pass.  I also compete in TREC and the SMART Saddle is ideal for the combination of disciplines." 

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