Friday 15 January 2021

A saddle story - from size 2 SMART NATIVE PONY GP to SMART Elite Jump

 From size 2 Native GP saddle to the size 5 SMART Elite Jump saddle, Robbie, and each of his horses and ponies, has enjoyed the benefits of the SMART saddle system throughout his riding career to date. 

Robbies story started with an 11hh shetland pony, Ben, in 2013, when they discovered the SMART Native Pony saddle helped the young combination with rider security and saddle stability Read their story here.

Alongside his pony club activities, Robbie also races with the Shetland Pony Grand National Group.

Robbie and his racing Shetland, Magheradartin Elevator’ (Captain), using the SMART Native Pony saddle to successfully win a rather large ‘ Budding Star’  trophy. 



The SMART Eventer saddle was a successful upgrade, for all pony club activities, including dressage and Showjumping when Robbie got a new pony, Flint. They had a great start winning, 10 and under winter dressage league and 50cm, 60cm and 70cm showjumping.

Moving onto the discipline specific SMART PRO Dressage and Jump saddles as they moved up the grades and Robbie grew, his mother Helen said,  "All of our ponies and horses have worked correctly through their back due to the SMART PRO saddles they have been ridden in. The balance allows Robbie to stay in a lovely correct position while the horses are soft and free. Can’t recommend the saddles enough."

Robbie now uses the SMART Elite Jump saddle for Eventing.  

 “The SMART saddles give great balance for the rider but also great freedom of movement for the horses. Their backs all look amazing. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use them.”


Watch Robbies SMART Saddle Journey, from size 2 Native GP saddle to a size 5 SMART Elite Jump saddle here: