Thursday 12 November 2015

Susie Young purchased a SMART Dressage saddle to ensure saddle fit as a young Warmblood mare matured ...

- she now also has a SMART PRO Jump and uses both saddles on a range of horses.

" I purchased my first SMART saddle almost two years ago for my mare Destiny, a young Warmblood Sports Horse who was going to change shape as she matured. The saddle has been ideal in enabling me to adapt it to both her change in shape as she has grown, and her change in weight which tends to fluctuate throughout the year.

The added bonus for me has been that I have been able to use this saddle on my other very different shaped horses, which range from Destiny the 17.2hh Warmblood to a 14.1hh Quarter horse and a few others in between including my friend’s horses.

I find the saddle extremely comfortable and feel so much closer to the horse than in anything else I have ever ridden in before. It’s the nearest to riding bareback I’ve experienced but without having to worry about my seat bones being uncomfortable for the horse.

Although I do jump in my dressage saddle, I decided that as the saddle was so versatile I would get a second SMART saddle and I have chosen the SMART Jump Pro. This means I now have the benefit of being able to have two horses ridden in SMART saddles at the same time, which in turn means two comfortable and happy horses and two comfortable and happy riders.

I am following Philippe Karl’s School of Legerete method of training and believe the SMART saddle compliments this by allowing the horse maximum range of movement without impediment, and will hopefully help me to reach my goal of High School Equitation.  

I would highly recommend these saddles and am delighted to have the pleasure of riding in them."

Regards Susie.