Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Remote SMART consultation helps happy customer move up a level

“I am lucky to own a beautiful warmblood dressage mare who is 15 years young. She is beautifully built with large powerful shoulders that can be an issue when trying to find a saddle to fit.

Recently, she has had an issue with her SI joint and could come out initially quite tight and stiff. So, after her SI joint was treated, I was keen to do all I could to preserve my beautiful mare, Bella, and keep her active.

That’s when I started looking at SMART saddles. After reading the research I decided to take the plunge and arranged to take a SMART PRO Dressage saddle on rental. As I live in Northern Ireland, I arranged to have a remote fitting, which was fab, effective and easy. Three weeks later my equine physio assessed Bella as ‘’in great shape with little tightness’’.

I love my SMART PRO Dressage saddle which gives me a close contact feel and is very stable - even the knee blocks are fitted to my shape! Having bought the saddle, we have gone from strength to strength. My trainer is delighted with our progress, we are scoring really well and hoping to move up a level by Christmas.

I wouldn’t use any other saddle now!”


Debbie Burns
Northern Ireland

Thursday, 15 October 2020

“I honestly believe that the SMART PRO Dressage saddle plays a huge part in our success”.


“I’ve owned my SMART PRO Dressage saddle for almost one year and I cannot believe the difference it has made to myself and my pony.


I knew about the brand because we had a saddle for a previous horse when I was younger so it only seemed fitting that Solution Saddles were the first port of call on my search.

A lovely SMART Advisor came out to see me and brought a few different saddle styles for me to try (including GP and dressage). I instantly felt more connected to my pony and could feel so much more movement than I ever had before. I was sold straight away; the only issue I had was choosing one!


It was a difficult decision but I remember the SMART Advisor saying to me “can you see yourself going far in this dressage saddle?” My response was a tentative “Yes, I hope so”. Was she right or was she right!? We’ve come on so far and now my boy literally floats across the school. We’ve recently got our highest ever score of 78.26% and we’re going to affiliate later this year!

It’s been a lot of hard work and many hours training but I honestly believe that the SMART PRO Dressage saddle plays a huge part in our success.”

Emma and Alfie (otherwise known as Super Cob!)



Monday, 14 September 2020

SMART GP proves the ideal option for young Welsh Section D

''I’ve recently purchased a SMART GP saddle for my 5 year old Welsh D. I first looked into SMART Saddles as I liked the idea of trying a treeless saddle that would allow my youngster to move freely whilst still growing but also fit me well.

I originally spoke to Solution Saddles HQ over the phone and discussed the couple of saddle models I was interested in. They were really helpful and suggested sending out 3 models for me to try and helped organise a local Approved Advisor to come and advise me. I managed to get an appointment really quickly, and my SMART Advisor was really helpful and thorough in fitting the right saddle to me and my youngster.

I decided to rent the SMART GP saddle for a few weeks so I could really test it out out properly; I tried it at home and at jumping and flatwork lessons. This allowed me to get a proper feel for the saddle and make sure I was 100% happy with it. My youngster felt very happy and comfortable in the saddle and was happier to work freely over his back.

Purchasing the SMART GP saddle with the payment plan has made buying it a lot more affordable for me. I’ve been very impressed by Solution Saddles and the customer service and would happily use them again.''

 ~ Emma Taylor, Kent