Tuesday 20 December 2016

Before discovering SMART saddles, Becky Fossett was at her wits end in trying to find a saddle to fit her cob.

Dylan looking handsome in his new SMART GP saddle.

I just wanted to say thank you so much!

Over the past 11 years I have had countless saddles due to Dylan changing shape; I have spent thousands of pounds on various types of saddle and really didn't know which saddler to turn to next.

Since trialling and purchasing my SMART GP saddle, the difference to Dylan and myself has been amazing. He is so much more flexible and forward and his lateral skills have also improved. Plus, my hips don't hurt half as much as they did in a treed saddle!

My best friend, who is at my yard, was so impressed by the difference that she also purchased a SMART GP saddle for her horse.

Thanks again for all your help and support, I finally feel Dylan and I have a saddle that will last us our lifetime!

Becky Fossett

Thursday 15 December 2016

Vicky Bloomfield and her horse are happy, comfortable and relaxed in their new SMART Eventer saddle.

I couldn't be happier with the new SMART Eventer saddle. My gelding is so relaxed and going beautifully in it, he has a noticeably longer stride trotting, now his shoulders are not restricted. I am so comfortable too, after years of discomfort in the wrong saddles. 

I look forward to riding everyday now, it's a pleasure. 

Vicky Bloomfield, May 2016

Amanda Beevers is over the moon with the SMART™ Native Pony saddle for her daughter and their round pony.

My daughter’s very round pony was very hard to fit a saddle to - after various saddle fittings resulting in no saddle due to her shape, I was getting out of my depth and losing the will to live. 

We moved to a new yard, where I met a girl who had a SMART™ saddle and she couldn't have expressed more just how fantastic they were, so I promptly called Solution Saddles – and it was the best phone call that I have made!

The Solution Saddles Approved Advisor came out and fitted a SMART™ Native Pony saddle for my daughter and her pony – it was so exciting to be able to ride again, knowing that the saddle wasn't going to hurt our pony or put pressure on her back like her old saddle did. 

We are over the moon with it - it looks and feels great and has helped my daughter with her jumping position.

My daughter is 9 years old and has had her SMART™ Native Pony saddle for over a year - these are her words:

 ‘’The SMART saddle is amazing -  It’ never slipped once,  it keeps my position right while jumping, feels comfortable and fits my pony great!"

We have never looked back since buying the SMART™ Native Pony saddle and would never have another brand. The after care is fantastic and I would 100% recommend Solution Saddles to anyone.

Amanda Beevers

Friday 9 December 2016

Mel and her Maxi Cob are thrilled with their high scores in their SMART™ Native saddle.

I’ve had my horse, Coolie, for 2 years now; he is what you’d call a maxi cob and we had the most dreadful time with his traditional saddle slipping to the right. The saddler would have to come out almost every two months to re-flock and juggle, but as soon as Coolie lost or gained weight, I’d have to get the saddle adjusted again.

A friend of mine suggested we try a SMART™ saddle, so I arranged a home consultation visit with my local Solution Saddles Approved Advisor. I was extremely sceptical but by the end of the test ride I was totally amazed – the saddle hadn't moved and Coolie felt like he was moving much more freely. 

We have been thrilled to bits with our Native GP saddle ever since; I have never looked back.

A year later and we have a new found love of dressage - well I have (not so sure Coolie enjoys his circles as much as I do)!  I had wanted to invest in a dressage saddle for a while, but was unsure whether it would be worth it for us at our very basic prelim level. However, I decided to take the plunge, and with the help of our lovely Solution Saddles Approved Advisor, we decided on a SMART™ Native Dressage saddle, which I had customised with a Suprabloc kneeflap.

In our first competition in our new saddle, we achieved the two highest scores we’ve ever had in any dressage test, as well as the best collectives for rider’s seat and position that I’ve ever achieved. We got a first and second place as well as some lovely comments from the judge.

I cannot recommend these saddles highly enough or thank Solution Saddles enough for pandering to my whims!

Mel Glover

Photo credit: Jasmine Punter - jasminepunterphotography.co.uk