Friday 21 April 2017

Five star review for the SMART™ Native GP saddle

 I have owned my Haflinger pony, Crunchie, for many years, but this winter has possibly been the hardest. In September 2016 he became lame, and then to make matters worse, he started with thrush in both back feet. After spending a lot of time off work and being spoilt with plenty hay, he became quite round! By the time I could get back on him, we needed a new saddle.

My saddler recommended I try a SMART™ saddle; I tried one and instantly loved it; it’s comfy, lightweight and has helped massively with my position.

My Approved Advisor was fab, explaining everything I needed to know about Solution Saddles and why the SMART™ Native GP would be good for Crunchie. The whole process was quick and hassle free. I rave about my new SMART™ Native GP saddle to everyone!

Linda Cawthorne 

Friday 7 April 2017

The comfortable SMART™ Jump saddle helps one customer achieve BE aspirations following spinal surgery

I purchased my 15hh cob x thoroughbred mare 6 years ago but couldn't find a saddle that would stay still on her back. She was asymmetrical with muscle wastage and all of the saddles I tried were slipping back and to the right.

On top of this, I had undergone extensive spinal fixation surgery following a riding accident in the past.  I was finding it very difficult to get back into a correct position or ride comfortably, in balance. Not an easy combination or a straight forward problem.

I asked around my eventing friends for help and they recommended I try a SMART™ saddle.

Following a home consultation visit, I went on to purchase a SMART™ Jump saddle with all of the accessories recommended to me by my Solution Saddles ApprovedAdvisor. From this point on we haven't looked back - both the horse and I are so much more comfortable. By this stage, I was a complete convert and a year later I decided to purchase a SMART™ Dressage saddle.

Last year we were on the winning British Riding Club 80 National Championships Horse Trials Team and this year we are competing at 90/100 and intend to BE for the rest of the season. I'm really proud of our achievements since changing to the SMART™ saddles as I'm 53 this year and didn't think I would ever be able to event again.

My horse's back has undergone a complete transformation and is incredibly strong. Her movement is unrecognisable from the little cob I bought; her lateral work is improving and she is even becoming strong enough for a little passage!

I do not believe we would be have achieved so much had Solutions Saddles not been there to support my own and my horse's development.

- Annie Rae