Friday, 19 October 2018

The flexible SMART Native VSD saddle was the perfect choice for an awkward to fit, young New Forest pony.

I needed a saddle for my young New Forest pony, William, who is an awkward shape to fit; wide with a very short, flat back.

I decided to try a SMART Native VSD saddle because they are flexible and can adapt to the shape of the horse. As William still has a bit of growing to do, a SMART saddle gives me more flexibility in terms of adjusting the fit as he changes shape. The SMART Native VSD saddle looks very high quality and no different to a traditional treed saddle - it is also very lightweight.

I decided to rent the SMART Native VSD saddle for a few weeks initially, so I could really test it out before buying. During this period, Solution Saddles were very supportive and were able to give me lots of advice from the photos and videos I sent in when I had questions. I am enjoying the saddle & my youngster is coming on nicely.

Sheri Pinkney

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