Wednesday, 10 October 2018

"I do not believe in miracle cures, but the before and after is completely unbelievable - and can only be attributed to her Solution Energist saddle."

“I never thought it'd be the case but between work and sleep I have actually been RIDING my horse!!  I am still in disbelief and excitement at how far we've come since our Solution saddle fitting. 

Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with the transformation in Echo following a visit from our local Technical Advisor; she is a different horse.

Before the Solution Saddle fitting – a typical reaction to saddles.

Echo was homebred, I broke her myself so know every experience she's had but, despite careful, steady training, trust and acceptance -and multiple saddles and fittings, including by master saddlers- she has never been happy under saddle and has proved incredibly difficult to fit to.  After six saddles in four years and a nasty broken hand incident caused by saddle slippage which provoked an explosive reaction, I have spent the last 6 months plodding about the woods bareback and dreaming of more.  

The Technical Advisor who Solution Saddles put me in touch with was just amazing.  Even before my fitting I was impressed with the amount of information requested: history and medical background, issues and future plans, pictures of Echo and her most recent tack arrangement; and for the fitting itself, I honestly don't think I've had a more patient fitter who completely understood my reservations and happily tolerated Echo's (and my!) idiosyncrasies with sincerity, patience and good humour.  She was calm and personable throughout; I never felt rushed or foolish - particularly when the promised saddling fireworks never materialised.  There was no insistence, or judgement at my hesitation to get on (let us remember the broken hand incident from previously), but get on I eventually did!

Having spent the last 6 months shuffling bareback around the woods (my balance questionable and my confidence lacking), I cannot begin to describe how it felt to actually ride my horse and feel her happy and moving forward.  Utter disbelief and pure elation cannot even begin to do justice to how I felt.  Echo has always struggled to move forward quietly and freely under saddle, but in the Solution Energist saddle she immediately expressed a calm, quiet desire to move, trying to take a contact, and was listening and responsive.  Giddy with glee, I even chanced a sneaky canter (again I reference 6 months of shuffling hacks as a reference)- no fireworks, no reluctance, just a happy, relaxed horse and an utterly ecstatic rider.

I do not believe in miracle cures, but the before and after in echo is completely unbelievable and can only be attributed to her Solution Energist saddle.  Not only do I have the riding horse I always hoped she would grow to be, but I have a horse who wants to move, who finally, after years of false starts and crabby movement and explosions, feels completely happy and relaxed, and wants to please.  I'm in complete disbelief in the change in us both - this weekend we're going to pop some jumps - I never dreamed we would be comfortable enough to even consider this, let alone be excited at the prospect.

 To both Kadiya and Solution Saddles we thank you.”

Eternal gratitude and best regards, 


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