Friday 7 July 2017

Lady Beauts wins her class at Derby College Hunter Trial in her SMART™Native Jump saddle.

“Before trying the SMART™ Native Jump saddle, I was sceptical about changing to a treeless saddle, as all those I'd sat in moved and were not suitable for jumping.

However, I had a trial in the SMART™ Native Jump saddle and couldn't believe how comfortable it was; it rode and looked like a traditional treed saddle but was rigid free. All saddles I had tried previously struggled to fit the wide shouldered / flat backed native but this fits like a dream and doesn't move at all.


 Beauty is much freer in her shoulders and has not had a single back issue in the five years I've owned the SMART™ Native Jump saddle.

Hopefully, we will have many more years of razzing round cross country courses.”

Karen Dawson & Beauty

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