Friday 7 July 2017

"I believe a SMART™ saddle is what everyone should be using!"

 “Following the purchase of my SMART™ GP saddle, I am a huge fan of SMART™ saddles; it is like magic; the way you feel part of the horse when riding, and with such soft leather it feels like you are moulded to the horses back.

Having completed a horse physiotherapy course, I think they are the way forward and believe a SMART™ saddle is perfect for horses with spinal issues; when you look at a horses spinal column, a SMART™ saddle is what everyone should be using. I feel passionate about the science behind the SMART™ saddles and how beneficial they are to supporting injured or difficult-to-fit horses.

Thanks to a friend, I was able to ride in her SMART™ saddle before the Solution Saddles Advisor came to fit to me and my horse at a test ride. Not only did we get on so well, but she had a great understanding of fitting for the welfare of the horse and avoiding back problems.

Thank you Solution Saddles!” 

Suzy Bannon

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