Monday 15 September 2014

From Lameness and Muscle Atrophy To A Happier Horse with the SMART SPORT Dressage & Jump saddles

My horse has not been difficult to fit with saddles…

but he started to have ad hoc periods of lameness and I noticed large rub patches appearing at the back of the saddle area.  His saddles were checked and adjusted which seemed to work for a while but he soon started to become lame again so I took him to the vets for a full check up. He was sound on all counts with no sign of the mystery lameness and no apparent back pain.  With some relief I brought him home but after a few weeks he felt lame again.

My Bowen practitioner was concerned at the amount of muscle atrophy he had and she was sure there was some deep shoulder muscle bruising where his saddle had been pinching and moving from side to side. The rub marks on his back were now significant.  This was definitely a saddle problem, so she recommended trying the RigidFree SMART Saddles.  

The local Solution Saddles Technical Advisor visited and spent a considerable time trying various different models and sizes.  We finally agreed the new Smart Sport saddles were the best solution for both the horse and for me.

Three months later, with our new Smart Sport Dressage saddle, he is noticeably freer moving and has a much looser swing to his back.  He is just a happier horse.

I was so impressed with the immediate difference this made to my horse’s way of going that I also bought a Smart Sport Jump saddle. It gives me a great XC position and I feel really secure in it.  My horse feels a lot happier jumping too with much more freedom in his shoulders. The bald patches and rubs at the back of the saddle area have completely disappeared and he is already building up muscles around the shoulders and withers.

He is a much happier horse and we would both like to say a big thank you to Solution Saddles.

Sue Sandford

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