Thursday 11 September 2014

Customer Story - Security and Balance for Robbie Bell & His Pony Ben

  “Many thanks to Solution Saddles for introducing my son Robbie and I to their SMART™ Native saddle range.

While wandering around Badminton horse trials trade stands in May 2013 we started talking to the Solution Saddles Agents and my son sat on a SMART™ Native GP Pony saddle. He liked it a lot so on returning home I organised a Home Consultation Visit from the local Solution Saddles Agent with the very saddle that my son had sat in at Badminton.

His pony Ben is a very flat backed 11hh Shetland cross and we had had great difficulty in keeping saddles in the correct place. We had found that when wearing his normal saddle it would move forward causing Ben to hump resulting in the saddle moving further still up his neck. My son also found other pony saddles we had tried to be uncomfortable.

Ben was much happier in the SMART™ Native Pony saddle from the first time we tried it. Humping into canter had become a habit, but this immediately stopped in the new SMART™ Native Pony saddle.

My son is quite a nervous rider but he found the security and balance provided by the SMART™ Native Pony saddle has allowed him to build his confidence and is now virtually unstoppable.

He is hacking out at speed and cantering into his jumps. The SMART™ Native Pony saddle is so versatile he uses it for all pony club activities, dressage and showing. Although expensive to buy I know that it will fit his next pony and I can easily size up when necessary with the good resale value.


I decided that it was pointless carrying on with a saddle and pony combination that didn't work and I didn't want to part with Ben, so the SMART™ Native Pony saddle was the answer.
You can see from the pictures that Ben and my son Robbie are really enjoying riding together.

Helen Bell

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