Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July 2014 Solution of the Month - - Amazing Cross-country!

An Update From Solution Saddles customer, Linda Kidby 

“I had such an amazing day yesterday I just had to share it with you. I had a lesson with our instructor at our local cross country course, Coombelands. Lou was an absolute star - jumping everything with enthusiasm and skill! The second photo shows the drop we have just cantered off - a while ago she wasn't balanced over even a tiny step down. I felt totally secure so my confidence was good. Even better Lou's not stiff at all today. All her back muscles are soft. That saddle is proving to be worth every penny!”

Best wishes

Lindas previous update from 2012:

“I hadn’t even heard about treeless saddles, and then a person on my yard purchased one…

I looked into the theory behind them and it made sense to me, but I didn’t like the look of my friend’s saddle so I started to research to find one of a more ‘conventional’ shape and I discovered the Solution Saddles website.

Meanwhile, my made to measure saddle was beginning to flap a little when I rode. When I had it checked, it was thought to fit as well as it ever had but when I rode my horse, Lou, bareback in the school she seemed much softer and freer than when wearing her saddle. Lou has had lots of issues with her back in the years since I’ve had her, and has caused me serious injury with her tendency to buck.

The South East Riding Clubs Dressage
Championships at Hickstead, May 2012
I decided to trial a Solution saddle and my local Technical Advisor visited me at my yard and put together a package to suit my mare, Louisiana, and myself for our two-week trial. I was very nervous, and anxious to be sure in my decision, as it was to be an expensive purchase, but Lou quickly got used to the saddle and instantly felt ‘softer’. A situation that would have caused her to buck just evaporated, she gave me some amazing trots out hacking and her jumping became easier. It took me a little longer to get used to it but each time I felt I needed guidance my Technical Advisor was there to help.
Now I’m a total convert and think everyone should have a Solution saddle! It’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in, I feel totally secure and trust Lou much more. Lou is far more active over her back and has changed shape… I just wish I had known about the saddle years ago. It’s worth every penny!

One of my fellow competitors remarked at a recent competition…’I can’t put my finger on it but your horse seems much happier in herself’.

Linda Kidby

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