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Customer update 2014 – Georgina & Her Mother Use Three Solution Saddles Between Two Horses

“I now own three Solution saddles between two horses.  Two GPs; one set up for me as a Jumping saddle and the other for mum as hacking saddle, as well as a SMART Dressage saddle. We still have our horse Mickey and also a youngster, Solo, who has never been ridden in anything other than a SMART saddle.  

Mickey has taken a bit of a back seat for now owing to a lack of time, although he still loves a bit of hedge hopping given the opportunity!  His new job is to look after my mother and have some fun.  Owing to this, his SMART saddle has been invaluable as his weight can fluctuate quite a lot over the season!  They’re planning on attending some training clinics and some Hunter Trials over the summer as well.

As for Solo, he was three years old in the last photographs I sent in and freshly backed, he’s now a six year old with a fabulous work ethic.  We’ve recently debuted at Novice Dressage scoring 70% + at our first attempt this season, as well as jumping several double clears Show Jumping this winter.  

The plan for the upcoming season is to qualify for the BD Summer Regionals at Novice.  Start 1m Show Jumping classes, have a run around Milton Keynes’ 3 day event in May and possibly finish the season with a BE90. 

I‘d like to thank everybody at Solution Saddles, for these wonderful saddles that make it all possible. I know, Mickey at least, would not be in ridden work without them!  And in particular to my Technical Advisor, who is always there if I need any support!

Many Thanks,

 Georgina’s previous update from January 2012:

“I’ve had my, 8 year old Gelding, Mickey, for nearly 5 years. Mickey has improved more in this last year with his new saddle then he ever did over the previous four.

Mickey’s a native with a large rib cage, little wither and croup high; a perfect recipe for a slipping saddle. He also has asymmetrical shoulders. We consulted a recommended Master Saddler and bought a saddle for Mickey. The use of point straps and a non-slip saddle pad were advised to hold the saddle in place but after a couple of years and several saddlers, we still had a saddle that none of us were convinced actually fitted him. Mickey was unhappy in himself, fighting the contact, hollow in canter, rushing into jumps. We were by this time also having on-going issues with back pain.

Exasperated, during a particularly bad schooling session, I got off Mickey, took the saddle off and got back on. Wow. My unhappy, uncomfortable, stuffy pony suddenly moved. He lifted, settled, accepted the contact and for the first time in three years he actually worked. His canter was uphill and soft, his trot stride lengthened and his walk was swinging. We decided the problem was his saddle. So we had yet another highly recommended saddler bring saddles to try on him. All of the saddles “technically” fitted him, but with each he reverted back to his uncomfortable, hollow and stuffy self.

I was a member of Pony Club, and about six years previously, Anne Bondi, had given a demonstration with Solution Saddles. The horse in the demonstration had shown an improvement, but at the time I didn’t have a horse with a problem and a treeless saddle didn’t cross my mind. Now faced with a horse that obviously hated every treed saddle we had tried I had to open my mind. I needed a saddle I could compete in so after some research into treeless saddles, we arranged a Home Consultation Visit from Solution Saddles.

Mickey moved off cautiously to begin with at the test ride, he must have been expecting pain but it never came. There and then he showed us a walk so long and so relaxed just like he did when I rode him bareback. The difference in his attitude to work was quite astounding. He chose the Original Solution as his saddle and I chose the GP style. I can alter the knee and thigh blocks depending on the discipline I’m doing so I don’t need two saddles.
A year on, I’m finally getting double clears Show Jumping, I have a pony that schools willingly and a pony that will listen in open fields without rushing off with his back hollowed and his head in the air.  I’ve got a saddle that can be both straight cut for dressage and forward cut for Jumping and galloping, with only a very simple alteration of knee roll and thigh block position.  I’ve been hunting him this winter, we’ve not had a saddle slip, a sore back or a sore bum (on my part). We’re jumping the big Leicestershire hedges with the best of them.
Georgina and Mickey
with the Readyfield Hunt 2012
I’ve also made use of the saddle fitting different shaped horses. We bought Solo, an unbacked three year old, this summer. He’s a completely different shape to Mickey; a Welsh D x TB, with narrow shoulders and higher withers. All I had to do was alter the pads. He was started, and fully backed in my Solution GP saddle. He didn’t once object.

We now have two Solution Saddles in our tack room. He soon got his own Solution GP so my mum and I could ride out together. We are aiming to do a couple of ridden showing classes towards the end of next year in it.
Georgina and Solo
on his second ride 2012
The Solution Saddles Advisors I’ve experienced are lovely people that understand horses and riders. I trust them and they listened to me. I’ve recommended them and the saddles to many people and they too love them

Thank You Solution Saddles! I’m sure my horse would not be where he is now without your wonderful saddle!”

January 2012

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