Friday 22 April 2022

Continuous progress since switching to a SMART™ saddle

 “I finally got my first SMART™ saddle 2 years ago after having numerous issues with fitting a treed saddle to my cob; constant reflocks and needing a new saddle every year, it was getting too expensive and he was always restricted at the shoulder, we just couldn't get enough clearance. 


Since changing to a SMART™ saddle our dressage scores are much better, we are constantly progressing in our training and he just finds everything easier because he can move without restrictions.


We now get comments such as, "working beautifully from behind" which never happened before, he simply couldn't and wouldn't stretch and work through. We have a SMART™ dressage saddle and we jump in it too - the saddle is also great for adapting to muscle changes throughout the season due to his PSSM. 


I have recommended SMART™ saddles to friends and clients and all see happier free moving horses straight away, seeing almost instant progression in training. 


For anyone thinking about taking the leap - just do it! SMART™ saddles are worth the investment and will save you a lot of money in the long run."


Rebecca Duke 

( the cob diaries ) 


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