Thursday 19 May 2022

Happy, comfortable and confident: the perfect fit with a SMART™ saddle.

“I’m so glad SMART™ saddles were recommended to me. ‘Hugo’ is a very chunky monkey; very wide with a big shoulder and short back.  Everyone’s comment when they met him before he was started was  ‘you’re going to have fun finding a saddle to fit him’ - how wrong they all were.

The SMART™ saddle is amazing! It fits Hugo perfectly all the time, so putting on or losing the odd pound doesn’t matter and, as he’s changing shape and developing muscle, the saddle just accommodates any changes. It allows him full and free movement in his shoulders and back which encourages him to use his body correctly.

We have done many miles now in it, both in the school and out and about exploring the countryside. Both Hugo and I have been happy, comfortable and safe in it. 


The quality of the SMART™ saddle is impressive; there has obviously been a lot of thought gone in to not only the design but also the materials used. 

SMART™ Saddles are so easy to deal with, they are so helpful if you have any questions or queries. Having a decent trial time to try the saddle out properly was amazing and gave me confidence in both the saddle and the company. 

I also love the fact that the SMART™ saddle will fit any horse, so when chunky monkey #2 gets started later in the year, I can pop this saddle on and know it’ll fit him as well as it does Hugo – plus, I’ve got a very comfy familiar saddle to start his ridden career in too.”


Clare Mercer

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