Wednesday 2 March 2022

Novice rider and Cob feel the amazing difference a SMART saddle can make.


“This is Asbo, a 14.2hh, hairy chestnut cob. I bought him 2 years ago, a few months after he’d been backed - I’m a novice rider and he was a novice horse.


I spent two years not knowing which Asbo I would be riding. Some days he would buck and feel angry. Others he wouldn’t go forward. We made very slow progress, but he never felt ‘right’. During this time, I was riding in a heavy, changeable gullet saddle. Sold to me as a ‘it’ll fit any horse’. Except it didn’t, it slipped to the side and I constantly adjusted as I rode.


Eventually I bit the bullet and decided to invest in a SMART saddle …


 A month later I effectively have a new pony; he’s forward going, ears pricked, loving both hacking and lessons. We are bouncing along, both happy. I feel close to him and can feel every movement.

We won’t ever be world beaters, but I’m very pleased I made the choice to purchase a SMART PRO GP saddle.” 


Natalie Ruane


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