Monday 29 November 2021

Overseas SMART fitting service a success for US customer

 “For years I have struggled with saddle fit for my ever-changing Haflinger.  Eventually, our saddle fitter recommended we try a treeless saddle. While researching the models she suggested, I came across UK-based Solution Saddles.  I am located in the USA and had very little information about these saddles, but I was impressed with what I saw.  

I decided to enquire about a couple of SMART saddle models and was pleasantly surprised by how informative and helpful the customer service was, even when I admittedly was only casually looking at the time.

Living in the USA, I was also a bit hesitant about the idea of importing a saddle from the UK, but I became increasingly confident as the online community and Solution Saddles provided me with so much information and support. 


I was in regular contact with Solution Saddles, happily messaging back and forth, answering my questions and looking at photos and videos of me and my pony to assess which SMART saddle and size would best suit us.   With the level of competence and care with which I was treated, I decided to go ahead with the overseas transaction.


I'm so happy I did!  My SMART Pro Eventer saddle arrived safely in the USA and with continued support, I had no problems making the necessary adjustments for optimum fit and balance.

My pony is now moving nicely and, as he has added his fall fluff, I've only had to change some shims rather than curse the saddle fit.  I am looking forward to many seasons with this saddle!"


Thank you!

- Andrea & Franzi

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