Friday 7 May 2021

SMART Advisor: Kerry Tunnell, Wiltshire

Wiltshire based SMART Advisor, Kerry Tunnell,  began her saddle fitting journey with a Solution Energist saddle that came with a horse she bought. Her passion for saddle fitting has grown from there. Having owned several horses that were difficult to fit in traditional saddles, Kerry decided to train as a saddle fitter in order to better help her own horses and eventually making it her full-time career.

Kerry is particularly interested in rehab/remedial fittings and training for the sound happy horse. 


"The SMART saddles have come such a long way since my first Solution Energist saddle. Providing both the freedom for the horse and the exact support the rider needs."


Kerry travels throughout Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, South Wales and Gloucestershire and Devon & Cornwall by special arrangement.

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