Thursday 20 August 2020

The SMART Saddle saved my horse's life!

''In a nutshell: The SMART saddle saved my horses life!

My horse, Billy, has EPSM as well as hock arthritis. At the early part of the year he was regularly tying up, sore and lacked condition. He was pretty much retired and we had discussed if it was cruel to keep him going any longer.

I then had a SMART Advisor out for my other horse and we discussed using the same SMART saddle on Billy him for the few rides that he did do, so we duly fitted the saddle to him. Within a couple of weeks the changes in him were plain to see; he had started gaining muscle and you could tell he was enjoying work again. Fast forward 5 months and he is a completely different horse; he's in work 5/6 days a week and even out jumping cross country courses again.

My SMART Advisor has been there for help and advice throughout - including remote fitting advice during lockdown. She has been honest and didn't give up on my hard-to-fit mare, even when all the standard options failed.''

~ Kerry Warner, Leeds

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