Tuesday, 28 July 2020

"I can't recommend my SMART GP saddle enough!"

"I bought Yogi 18 months ago and have been struggling to find a saddle that fits both him and me. He has a big shoulder and is quite round but as I’m long from hip to knee, any saddles normally only fit one of us properly. I’ve also had a lot of problems with saddles slipping, due to the nature of his shape, making it uncomfortable for us both.

I’ve been deliberating for a while about purchasing a SMART saddle due to the cost, but I’ve had my new SMART GP saddle for 2 weeks now and already feel the cost is very justified! The adjustable knee blocks really help me fit comfortably in the saddle and the flexible style of the saddle helps with any movement and stays put for the whole ride! 

Yogi feels so much happier in our new saddle, the flexible nature allows his large shoulder to move freely and for me the comfort is great.

My SMART Advisor was very helpful and patient when fitting & any help I have needed since has never been too much trouble.

I can’t recommend the SMART GP saddle enough!"

~ A very happy Katie & Yogi

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