Thursday, 25 June 2020

"I highly recommend these saddles for many reasons!"

I’ve owned Louie, a Welsh X 15.2 9 yr old gelding, for two years now. He has been a complete joy in every way. However, at the beginning of this year, we were starting to get a few behavioural issues creeping in, such as head-shaking, putting his tongue over the bit, violent spooking and also the occasional huge buck. Initially we thought it was pollen related, but nose-nets and vaseline didn’t help. Then we thought it may be back issues, but back treatments didn’t improve the behaviour either. 

Then we began looking at the saddle, wondering whether this was where the problems were coming from. I’d had my saddle for a year, and it had been fitted to Louie by a master saddler on three separate occasions in the course of that year. 

All horses change shape/lose or gain weight constantly, as conditions change. Louie has changed a lot over the last year. Over Winter he was stabled 24/7. Then prior to lockdown, he started going out during the day, and we were having dressage lessons weekly, so he was developing muscle. Then over lockdown, he wasn’t ridden at all, and all that muscle tone disappeared.  

When I came to ride again after lockdown, I discovered the saddle was too tight over the shoulders and was bridging at the back. Maybe the saddle had been causing issues all along?

So I took the plunge and have had a SMART PRO Dressage saddle on trial for two weeks. 

The difference in Louie is amazing. Head shaking stopped, bucking stopped, tongue over the bit stopped, spooking for no reason stopped. And the saddle feels wonderful to ride in; I feel secure, very comfortable and love being able to feel Louie's movements so much more than in the previous saddle.

Not only that, but I know I do not need to worry about this saddle hurting my boy. I know it fits, and it can always be fitted, no matter how much he changes shape, gains or loses weight.

I highly recommend these saddles for many reasons. 

Julie Thompson, Essex

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