Wednesday, 26 February 2020

SMART Saddles: From little to large

"I was first introduced to SMART™ saddles, whilst trying to find a solution to the problem of my shire cross, Oscar, regularly changing shape and leading to me spending too much time and money having saddles adjusted to fit properly.

Oscar is 17.3hh and, at the time was 4 years old and just coming into proper work. As he was constantly changing shape, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of time we were spending out of work; waiting for saddle fitters, waiting for saddle adjustments and arranging to drop-off or collect saddles before and after adjustments.  Not to mention the money I was spending for every adjustment. 

I decided to invest in the SMART™ PRO Jump saddle and have never looked back. The easy-to-adjust fitting and balance system means that we are now four years on and have not missed a single training session or competition due to saddle issues.  

Our training has come on leaps and bounds and we are now regularly competing - getting some good results including double clears, wins and finishing on our dressage score. We are looking forward to moving on to more advanced work including our first BE.

Dorothy, a completely gorgeous, but very barrel shaped Fell Pony, was purchased for my daughter to learn to ride on.

I had difficulties finding a traditional saddle to stay in position, so invested in a SMART Native saddle for her - and what a difference! Both Dorothy and my daughter have come on leaps and bounds in just the three months since we bought it.  With Dorothy winning her first one day event with a 28.7 dressage score, after only seeing cross country jumps twice before in her life!"

Dotty winning her first mini one day event


2021 Update: Norah and Dorothy making light work of her first 65cm class in her SMART Native saddle.

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