Monday, 9 July 2018

Flexible fit is key for Elena and her horses

Elena Clerici, at Somerford Camp in her SMART PRO Jump saddle.

“I tried a SMART™ PRO Jump saddle through my instructor, Penny Lawn. Having had 3 saddles in 4 years, I was very reluctant to try another new saddle but, after riding in it, I felt like I had to give the SMART™ PRO Jump saddle a chance.

I immediately felt a difference in my Thoroughbred mare, Nini’s, suppleness; she was happy to move forward and stretch out during our warm up in the SMART™ PRO Jump saddle and took a contact without her usual over-bending. I also felt my jumping position was so much more secure - even Penny was very impressed.

I am looking forward to the flexible SMART saddle allowing Nini to develop her topline again,  including either side of her wither, which has atrophied  after years of compression from badly fitted saddles - watch this space for the before and after pictures!

I also own a stocky 14hh pony and a big, gangly youngster that will need a saddle in the next 24 months; I am delighted that I will not need to buy another saddle for each of them - I can simply adjust my new SMART™ PRO Jump saddle to fit.”

Elena Clerici
April 2018

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