Wednesday, 25 April 2018

“The service and advice from Solution Saddles has been second to none; they made finding the perfect saddle very easy...

Solution Saddles sent a number of their SMART saddles along with recommended accessories to try out with the help of an experienced Solutions Saddles Approved Advisor.  

My aim was to find a saddle which would enable me to feel more confident and stable, especially when jumping, without compromising my horse's movement.  It was highly beneficial to be able to try a number of the saddles so thoroughly and find the one that fits.  

To me, finding the right SMART saddle felt similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes.  After riding in a variety of SMART GP and SMART Eventer saddles in various sizes, I knew immediately when I had found the perfect size and shape — it just felt right for me and my horse.  Who would have thought a saddle could make such a difference?  

I believe I have purchased a saddle which will be with me for the rest of my life, an unusually permanent investment in the ever-changing world of riding.  

Thank you very much!” 

Helen Williams

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