Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Bethan has had fantastic results with her SMART™ Jump saddle on numerous horse over the years. - Updated

I LOVE my SMART™Jump saddle!  I have used it on many different horses over the years and always had fantastic results.

Kastone was an RSPCA rescue horse. He was lightly backed using the SMART™ saddle with no problems at all. He was then turned away for a year and brought back into work. Backing him was a breeze thanks to having such a great saddle, he hasn’t had a single problem.

At his first One Day Event he was first after the dressage phase with over 77%, to finish 2nd overall. We have lots planned this summer and I can’t wait to see how he progresses.

I know it wouldn’t have been such plain sailing without my SMART™ saddle.

Another great benefit of these saddles is that I can use one saddle on all of my horses, even though they are all completely different shapes and sizes.

My 15.2hh 5 year old mare, Florie, was re-backed using my SMART™ saddle as she had some previous issues. She has been amazing since and I have discovered what a talent she has at jumping. The pictures speak for themselves; she certainly feels free and loose enough to jump.

I also use my SMART™ saddle on my 20 year old showjumper for hacking. He is still enjoying being ridden after a hard competitive career. He is pictured below jumping in my SMART™Jump saddle 6 years ago.

Pictured below are a few of my horses using the SMART™ saddle. I have done sponsored rides, hunting, showjumping, dressage, one day events, hunter trials, beach rides and all day hacking in them.

They are super-comfy for all disciplines!

Bethan-May Williams

September 2017
- Read about Bethan-May Williams and her rescue horse, Kastone, in this Horse and Hound news article:

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