Friday, 7 April 2017

The comfortable SMART™ Jump saddle helps one customer achieve BE aspirations following spinal surgery

I purchased my 15hh cob x thoroughbred mare 6 years ago but couldn't find a saddle that would stay still on her back. She was asymmetrical with muscle wastage and all of the saddles I tried were slipping back and to the right.

On top of this, I had undergone extensive spinal fixation surgery following a riding accident in the past.  I was finding it very difficult to get back into a correct position or ride comfortably, in balance. Not an easy combination or a straight forward problem.

I asked around my eventing friends for help and they recommended I try a SMART™ saddle.

Following a home consultation visit, I went on to purchase a SMART™ Jump saddle with all of the accessories recommended to me by my Solution Saddles ApprovedAdvisor. From this point on we haven't looked back - both the horse and I are so much more comfortable. By this stage, I was a complete convert and a year later I decided to purchase a SMART™ Dressage saddle.

Last year we were on the winning British Riding Club 80 National Championships Horse Trials Team and this year we are competing at 90/100 and intend to BE for the rest of the season. I'm really proud of our achievements since changing to the SMART™ saddles as I'm 53 this year and didn't think I would ever be able to event again.

My horse's back has undergone a complete transformation and is incredibly strong. Her movement is unrecognisable from the little cob I bought; her lateral work is improving and she is even becoming strong enough for a little passage!

I do not believe we would be have achieved so much had Solutions Saddles not been there to support my own and my horse's development.

- Annie Rae

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