Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Welsh Cob Has No Problems Qualifying For The Regionals In Her Solution Saddle

I have had my 14 hand Welsh Cob for 5 years and I have always had her in a RigidFree saddle…

…Although I did get through a few saddles before I found Solution Saddles, including other treeless brands.

Two of my previous horses both had behavioural problems caused by saddles, and despite spending a fortune on physios and saddles I never felt happy that the issues were resolved – and I resorted to riding bareback, which as you can imagine is pretty limiting!

Since affiliating, Lily and I have qualified for the Regional Finals in Novice and Novice Freestyle. The focus now is on training her up the levels and we have just come back from a 3-day course with Adam Kemp, working at Medium level.
My equine chiropractor and massage therapist always comments on how Lily has never had any saddle related problems and the muscles on her back are well formed and soft and supple, which she attributes to her being in a RigidFree saddle.

Amanda Hope, Solution Saddles Customer

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