Wednesday, 16 May 2018

SMART Customer Testimonial: Classical trainer and Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Kate Sandel

As a Classical trainer and Equine Sports Massage Therapist specialising in the physical rehabilitation of horses, it was clear that most saddles were giving horses and riders alike a whole world of heartache...

Personally, I had found that trying to find a saddle to fit my Lusitano was an on-going challenge over the years; we have been through many different options, none of which have quite cut the mustard. I needed a saddle that was suitable for a lot of demanding work in the arena and very challenging hacking out over the moor.

Along with my own young PRE and heavy weight cob, plus all of the horses I have in for starting, rehabilitation and training, I was gathering quite a collection of saddles - all of which were more of  a ‘make do’ than I was happy with.

I had been scared off  treeless options in the past having seen problems with them, but also recognised the inherent challenge of putting a fixed object between two moving beings, and that unless the tree fitted perfectly (which seemed to be a rare occurrence!) it often caused significant issues.

I was finally persuaded to try a SMART Saddle by a fellow trainer and I haven’t looked back. They are unlike any other treeless saddle I have previously tried; providing stability for the rider and supporting their weight while also allowing the horse to move.

I initially bought a SMART Sport Dressage saddle, but have since invested in a SMART Pro Dressage saddle. With a variety of SMART Balance pads, I am able to use this saddle with all three of my horses as well as visiting horses.

My Lusitano and I are finally both very happy with our saddle, and it’s proving to be as stable out on the muddy, slidey slopes of Dartmoor as it is in the arena.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my SMART Pro Dressage saddle, and recommend SMART Saddles to all of my clients.” 

Kate Sandel

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Chantelle and Moose regained their confidence Showjumping after trialling the SMART Eventer saddle.

“Easy Girl Van Huise Ruesdael (Moose) was characteristically an enthusiastic jumper. When she started to hesitate into her fences, it was clear that she wasn’t happy and her rider, Chantelle, suspected that the problem might be saddle related. 

They tried out a SMART Eventer saddle on rental - and in just one session the difference was amazing.  Moose regained her confidence and her jump and is now consistently placed in British Showjumping classes. 

Chantelle Johnson and Easy Girl Van Huise Ruesdael (aka Moose) in the SMART Eventer saddle. This is probably her best performance to date – placed second in a very well attended discovery class. 

Moose does not like dressage.  However, the SMART Pro Dressage saddle gives her great freedom of movement.  Chantelle lives in hope that Moose will choose to display that freedom in a controlled fashion in an actual Dressage test one day!

Moose was relatively well behaved in a recent test and I think the SMART Pro Dressage saddle actually puts us into a slightly better position now we’re getting used to it.”

The above video shows Chantalle and Moose being placed second in the British Novice class Showjumping, qualifying for the second rounds.

 Chantalle and Moose training video.

Sally Johnson
March 2018

“The service and advice from Solution Saddles has been second to none; they made the process of finding the perfect saddle very easy...

Solution Saddles sent a number of their SMART saddles along with recommended accessories to try out with the help of an experienced Solutions Saddles Approved Advisor.  

My aim was to find a saddle which would enable me to feel more confident and stable, especially when jumping, without compromising my horse's movement.  It was highly beneficial to be able to try a number of the saddles so thoroughly and find the one that fits.  

To me, finding the right SMART saddle felt similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes.  After riding in a variety of SMART GP and SMART Eventer saddles in various sizes, I knew immediately when I had found the perfect size and shape — it just felt right for me and my horse.  Who would have thought a saddle could make such a difference?  

I believe I have purchased a saddle which will be with me for the rest of my life, an unusually permanent investment in the ever-changing world of riding.  

Thank you very much!” 

Helen Williams