Saturday, 1 October 2016

Within minutes of trialling a SMART PRO Dressage saddle he was already moving better...

Jenni Zawadzka and her horse, Sir Nunn Golden Jewel, illustrate how quickly a SMART saddle can make a difference

After continuously struggling with saddles, both my friend and my instructor mentioned trying a SMART Saddle from Solution Saddles, as they thought that they make a difference to my horse.

Prior to getting in contact with Solution Saddles, I bought a saddle from my local saddler which, although looked like it fit, was causing damage and making him intermittently lame.

My part-bred Arab, Sir Nunn Golden Jewel, has always been hard work and like many owners, I put it down to various reasons such as the time of year etc. but looking back, his saddle was the problem.

Within minutes of trialling a SMART PRO Dressage saddle he was already moving better, not ‘chucking’ his head around and moving more into the contact. Within half an hour I could feel him stretching his back and swinging through! 

Since purchasing my SMART saddle, we have gone from strength to strength; his back is changing shape from using the correct muscles, it is soft and supple and he has been continuously willing.

We have really put our saddle to the test with long slow hacks, fast hill work, schooling, lessons and competitions.

I could not be more pleased and i’m looking forwards to beginning our three year old Andalucian’s career with this saddle, with him only knowing the best.

I'd recommend these saddles to anyone!

See the difference for yourself in the video below:

Thursday, 1 September 2016

It’s lovely to finally have a dressage saddle that I don’t groan at the weight of and which my horse doesn’t groan at the sight of!

Fiona Stephenson and her horse, Shorty, are enjoying the advantages of their new SMART PRO Dressage saddle.

''The most important part of horse ownership for me is ensuring my horse’s wellbeing. Saddle choice and fit is obviously a very important part of that and, after a disappointing episode with my previous dressage saddle, I decided to try a SMART Pro Dressage saddle. Two main factors influenced this decision: the lack of rigid points on the SMART saddle and the lightweight nature of the saddle. I felt that these two points alone meant that the SMART saddle had a significant advantage over any other dressage saddle that I have tried.

The look and feel of the saddle is impressive. It is extremely light and the deep seat and moveable blocks mean that it feels superb to ride in. I also found the positioning of the rider very balanced and, of all the dressage saddles I have tried in my search for the perfect one, this has been my favourite from a rider position point of view.

My horse works significantly better in the SMART saddle, most noticeably in downward transitions and through changes of direction; he stays much more supple and through and is less inclined to fall behind the contact.

I have not needed to fit extra balance pads as the saddle fits perfectly without, but it makes perfect sense to me to have a saddle that I can quickly and easily change the fit of, so that if he loses muscle on his back or becomes asymmetrical for any reason, I can easily change the fit of the saddle.

I found the customer service, and the focus on the customer, fantastic. Having the ability to hire the saddle for two weeks and the availability of the payment plan shows that the company has a pragmatic and thoughtful approach.

There are lots of other little details that make me very satisfied with my new saddle, such as the lovely saddle cover which fits the saddle perfectly, is waterproof and padded, and has slots for the stirrups to sit in. Attention to these little details reflects the general approach of Solution Saddles and increases my confidence in the product.

It’s lovely to finally have a dressage saddle that I don’t groan at the weight of and which my horse doesn’t groan at the sight of!''

Monday, 1 August 2016

SMART Eventer Saddle Review – Iona Phillips

I recently purchased a SMART EVENTER saddle from Solution Saddles. I have now tried it out thoroughly, including competing in it, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this saddle to any eventer or leisure rider.

It is a fabulous saddle that looks the part too. The ability to adjust and change the knee rolls means that I am able to be in the correct position for dressage as well as being free to move and lift out of the saddle when show jumping.

The fit of the saddle for both myself and my horse is great; the contact is even over my horse’s back and he is moving freely beneath it; there are no areas pinching him or restricting his movement.  I find it easy to sit correctly and comfortably, I also love the close contact feel it gives me.

My horse’s stride has completely changed thanks to the SMART EVENTER saddle, he is now able to fully extend and reach without feeling restricted. He works in a more comfortable outline and is fully engaged in his hindquarters; as a result I have been able to work more on his top line. He is jumping with better form and now has the ability to bascule and make an improved shape over jumps.

Pictures of Teifi and I recently competing in the SMART Eventer saddle.

Iona Phillips